Monday, February 22, 2010

We planned the date

Over breakfast yesterday, Ramon and I decided on a trip to Vegas to say our "I dos" officially on New Years Eve. We'll have a party to celebrate after we get back. We are going to have a ball!

Today the Vet looked at Casey. He wants to have the lump biopsied. Not ready to put her under the knife again. She doesn't appear to be in any pain and she's 11 years old. We'll talk about it more before we take that step. Not going to watch her suffer but will take less than drastic measures to keep her with me as long as she is enjoying life and wants to chase toys and kitty cats. She came to the store with me today. She wants me to hold her, so I did. Made it a little tough on Amber teaching a class, but she's a trooper and got what she needed on her own.

Amber rocks BTW! She is flexible and able to think and act on her feet without losing it. She had made arrangements with a student for a one-on-one double class tonight. Then we found out that another student had signed up for her step 2 scrapbooking class, so she had to regroup and pulled it off beautifully!

My instructors are going to mutiny on me if we don't get a better grip on the number of people coming to class. Michelle was ready to shoot me on Saturday. We thought she had at least 4-5 for her Ribbon 101, but it didn't turn out that way. I will make it a priority to get the classes booked and follow up to ensure attendance.

Not promoting the classes and events has really hurt us lately. I took some pictures today and will upload them to the online calendar and send out an email later this week with that as the focus. I am sending one out tomorrow with pics of the new product. It's almost ready to go.

Speaking of ready to go, Ramon is waiting for me at home and that's where I should be. Catch 'cha on the flip side.

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  1. Ha Ha!! I even surprised myself, Mom! I was even more happy that I managed to do two classes (two different ones at one time for a moment) and only go over by 10 minutes!! I am really suring up those times to be more effective!! I appreciate the praise, by the way!

    I have my fingers crossed for Casey. I have the same love I share with my Ella (didn't realize they are the same age) and you would just have to put me in a straight jacket if there was something wrong with her. I am sending good vibes your way!

    Also, congrats on the and Ramon know how to do it right!! I love the idea, and will be DOWN for the party!! Love y'all!