Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 2 in a row!

So, it's my day off, right? Well, noooooo, of course not. The PC is giving us a fit AGAIN and Ramon to the rescue again, poor guy. Don't feel too sorry for him, though. I keep reminding him that he knew what my life was like before we allowed our friendship to develop into the love we now have for each other. Did I tell you he's the best man on earth?! It is truly so, I tell ya! He is spending his day off fixing the wireless problem by hard wiring the main register (POS) PC to the router. POS is a homonym in this case, BTW.

Gotta share an "aren't my grandkids the cutest" story with you, that of course, comes with pictures. My grandkids are the smartest grandkids on the planet. Oh, have I used that best on the planet saying before? Better hope you don't get tired of hearing it. My Zs were playing in the scrap box at the store yesterday and found the googly eyes. Zadie put some on her hand and looked up at me and said, Grandma look -- talk to the hand. Toooooo cute. Then she and Zophia got together and Eye 5'd each other with the googly eye hands. Of course the Grandmarazzi captured the moment to embarrass them in later years. I love my grandbabies!

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