Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sunday, August 8, 2010

goin' croppin' !!!!

I rarely get to craft at my store. Ironic, I know. And I almost never get to spend time with one of my biggest supporters and confidant. She and my daughter make movie dates and I don't get to join them. She and MD were going to the big crop up north and I was bummed! Waaa Waaa Waaa. Enough complaing and more celebrating already. Because my daughter loves me, she gave up her spot at next week's crop to let me spend time with DE. I've never been to an organized crop of this size and am leaning on my friends to keep from making rookie mistakes. My work schedule is getting in the way of the good times and I am trying to figure out how to keep that from happening. I am stubborn and possess the gift of ingenuity, so I hope I can.

I will admit I am spending more thought and energy on what I should bring instead of focusing on the Store, but I feel no guilt. I put what I can into it without giving up everything else in my life. Including my friendships, family, and my home life.

Speaking of which, August 23rd'ish is the big day! My sweetie and I are eloping to Vegas. When we get off the plane back in Charleston, we will be husband and wife. Whenever I think about it, I smile and get butterflies like a school girl in love for the first time. That may be because I am truly in love like never before. I take none of it for granted and hope he is always happy in our marriage. I know we all live a fer piece from Perfectville, but this is as good as it gets. And it is good!

He is Casey's daddy and she loves him. During the storm the other night, she followed him around for protection. She leaves my lap to be next to him on the couch. It hurts my feelings for just a minute, then I think how cool that is. She is persnippity with most men and tolerates few women or animals. Gotta love her or run from her. That's my baby girl.