Sunday, March 7, 2010

Are you kidding me? We are watching the Pussy Cat Dolls on stage in Manchester. What a hoot! Guess we're just tired of Law & Order, NCSI, Bones, and well you get it. Oh, good, that's better. Ramon turned on a show about ants. Gross! If you get bored one day, check out the starling invasion of Rome. Yep. Bird poop everywhere! OK so Sunday night TV is definitely a bad idea. Now you know why I have time to blog.
There is a good reason I dropped the blogging after only a few days. I was busy, no really. Realizing that life gets in the way, here I go...Ramon has once again demonstrated he is worthy of the best man on the planet crown. He took me to work last Sunday because he wanted to be with me. Don't you just love him? I know I do! We brought the truck because I wanted to put slot wall up at the store. If you have ever been subjected to my involvement in a project, you'll just be shaking your head during the rest of the story. If not, you'll swear I made it up.

We stop by Lowes, grab the wood, and head to the store to open at 1:00. Several times he said, are you sure you don't need it cut. Oh no, I say. I measured it. Don't get ahead of me, now. The first part of the slap stick comedy started with us moving the bench out front out of the way so we could lean the wood against the brick until we could put it up. Neither of us can see what the other is going to do next. Move left, right, angle, what??? Once that was done, we just left the wood there until we closed the store at 6:00. Then, the comedy continued as we worked together to get the heavy slats to the back of the store. Oh, did I leave out the part of moving all the stuff out of the way of the back wall? We kept moving against what the other had in mind.

Back to the slot wall. Michelle keeps a flat dolly in the office. I grab that and "help" Ramon roll the wood into the store. Poor guy kept trying to tell me what to do, which of course I can't get and generally end up doing just the opposite of what he needs. We somehow manage to get the heavy ass board in the general direction of the target wall. We held the wood up to the wall that I had so diligently measured and it was almost 2 feet too long! I said I had diligently measured the wall and so I had. I knew it to be just under 7 feet. Problem is, I thought the sheets were 4x6, not 4x8.

For the record, Ramon was a trouper throughout the whole episode. I called Lowes to find out what time they closed on Sunday and if they would cut the pieces down for us. We had 15 minutes to get there, so we locked the door and jumped in the truck. I dropped him off with the wood in a hand cart and parked the truck. The trimming of the wood was done lickity split, loaded back into the truck and back at the store. From there it went fairly smoothly. We figured out the thingies that hold the screw into the drywall and Ramon had the forethought to bring his drill. We bought the screws and their thingies at Lowes on our first trip. The wall was up in less than an hour, including the run back to Lowes for the wood cutting ceremony. And all ends well.
It is amazing what you can learn about someone by combining efforts toward a common goal. I learned that I cannot read minds and that I make judgements that usually 180 what everyone thinks should happen. Trust me, I know it's me, because it has been that way since I can remember. If you ever find yourself in the unpleasant position of having to work with me on a project, just know that you must speak quickly and clearly in describing exactly what you want. The catch is, I am stubborn and think I know a better way. Good luck, Mr. Phelps. May the Force be with you. Inside joke that one, because I am the most illogical person you shall ever know and am far from prospering.
So, hey, what do you think of the results of Ramon's labor?...

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  1. It is beautiful and even more so in person.